Unique Ways to Care for Wedding Guests

November 7, 2022

Brides, what wedding moments have you been dreaming of?

Walking down the aisle, exchanging vows, or the first dance will certainly be memories you will be replaying for years to come. Those precious moments will be special for so many reasons, one of which is experiencing them with your beloved guests.

Friends and family travel from near and far to witness the most sacred union and celebrate alongside you. In all that goes on during the wedding day, typically the bride and groom have just a moment or two with each guest.

So, amidst all of the details and moments of your wedding day how can you be intentional in showing love to your wedding guests? 

While wedding favors may be going out of style, showing your guests that you appreciate them definitely won’t be going anywhere anytime soon! We agree, those little favors are not always necessary. Guests forget to grab a favor at the end of the night or it’s lost by the time guests arrive home. Here are some other unique ways, that aren’t just wedding favors, to show your love and appreciation for your wedding guests.

Caring for out of town guests
Many friends and family may be traveling from out of town and booking a stay in your hotel room block. Is there anything better than being welcomed by a thoughtful gift from the bride and groom to-be? Help your guests feel comfortable in their hotel room with a simple bag of treats to kick off the wedding weekend!

Include some refreshments, treats, and snacks to ensure your guests are taken care of even when not celebrating with you at your wedding. Make the welcome bag even more unique by including local treats from the area or where the two of you are originally from! Including a welcome note and some recommendations for activities to do in the area is another thoughtful touch.

Simple wedding program

Caring for guests at the ceremony
We all want our guests to be timely to our wedding ceremony. One way to do this is to provide some light refreshments as they mingle before taking their seats. This will encourage people not to wander and to arrive on time, especially if it’s mentioned on your website or wedding weekend itinerary. If you are getting married outside on a warm day, your guests will be especially thankful to have a quick refreshment before witnessing your beautiful ceremony! This can be as simple as having some ice water with lemon and iced tea displayed as guests enter the space.

In addition to providing a cold refreshment, think about what else your guests might need to be comfortable at the ceremony. If it is a hot, summer day for your outside ceremony, have programs that can double as fans. Or better yet, have actual fans ready to be handed out to guests!

Alternatively, if your ceremony is taking place on a brisk, fall day outside, have some cute throw blankets on hand for guests who may be chilly until they hit the dance floor.

Caring for guests at the reception
There are endless ways to care for your guests at the reception. From specialty cocktails and delicious passed hors d’oeuvres, to the intentional seating and lively entertainment your guests will certainly enjoy so many aspects of your celebration. Here are some unique thoughts on how to show intentionality and appreciation of your guests.

How sweet it is to sit down at your seat and receive a handwritten note from the bride and groom. Yes, this is a time consuming task that not everyone may have time for. However, it will leave such a lasting impact on those who attended your wedding – something they are sure to never forget.

Escort cards are the perfect place for a personalized touch! A previous Boizelle Affaires couple picked saints for each of their guests. The saint’s name was written inside each guests’ escort card, with a note about how the couple had prayed for that guest prior to their wedding. This was so intimate and touching; something the wedding guests deeply appreciated.

Lastly, why not combine escort cards and favors! We know, we said earlier that favors aren’t necessary. If you’re already using escort cards, why not make them into a small gift that guests can take home with them! Maybe each guest receives a bud vase, wine glass, or small potted plant that is used to house the escort card. Not only will guests be led to their seats, they will have something to take home and remember your special day.

Of course, at the end of the day nothing beats a handwritten thank you note. After the wedding day has passed, don’t forget to write thank you cards to all of your guests who attended your wedding! This is a timeless thoughtful way to communicate to your guests just how much you appreciate them joining in on your wedding day.

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