A Guide for the Month of Your Wedding

April 30, 2023

First off, congratulations! Wedding planning is no easy task, and you have made it such a long way! Several months of waiting have gone by and your wedding day is finally within reach – let the final countdown begin!

After months of planning details and sending emails, what should you prioritize the final month leading up to your wedding day? More than that, how can the bride and groom avoid unwanted stress in these final days? We’ve put together a few tips to manage month-of tasks to help you enjoy the final moments before your wedding!

4 Weeks out: Get Everything in Order

As you approach your wedding day, make a weekly plan. Take out your calendar and schedule your action items. Scheduling tasks will help to efficiently cross off your to-do list. The more you plan ahead, the more time you will have to relax! 

A few “to do” items to complete one month out include making final edits to and ordering printed materials as well as making sure you obtain your marriage license. This is also an opportune time for your venue and wedding planner to conduct a final ceremony and reception walkthrough with you. Don’t forget to order cute dresses for other wedding events like the rehearsal dinner! 

3 Weeks out: Loose Ends and Thinking Ahead 

With three weeks until “I do” this is time to tie up any loose ends with vendors. Hopefully the bulk of your guest list is solidified, but make sure to follow up with any outstanding RSVPs at this point. 

Many brides are juggling wedding plans and other responsibilities. Start thinking ahead about the time you will take off from work. You may have projects to complete ahead of time or plans to write for your absence. Think through these now so they will be ready to hand off when you sign off from your job for your wedding and honeymoon! 

2 Weeks out: The Final Details 

At two weeks out the final guest count is solidified and final details can be made with this in mind. Remember to send your final count to your wedding planner, caterer, and venue as they make final preparations. This is a great time to print any materials related to guests, such as escort or place cards, ceremony programs and favors. Touch base with your officiant and finalize any outstanding ceremony details. Decide on those special songs and notify your DJ or band of any other special requests. End this week by sending out a timeline, floor plan, and final payments to your vendors.

1 Week out: Wedding Day Prep 

Hopefully you can start to slow things down in terms of planning and crossing items off your to-do list. The goal for this last week is to be proud of the wedding plans you’ve made thus far and prepare your heart for the important, life changing event that is about to take place. 

All of your plans are set and it’s time to complete those finishing touches. Go ahead and collect your day of items into one place, hopefully handing them off to your wedding planner. Write letters and wrap gifts for your parents, bridesmaids, and future husband. Oh and don’t forget to pack your bags for your honeymoon! 

Final days: Take a Deep Breath!

If you haven’t yet, be sure to hand off all of your plans to someone else. Let others deal with any unforeseen changes at this point. Now it’s time to take care of yourself. Drink lots of water, sleep as much as you can, pamper yourself with a manicure and facial, and spend time with family and treasured friends. 

The day you have been waiting for is finally here. Soak it in and treasure every moment! 

Photography: @hannahsmithphotography

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