The holidays bring a special cheer every year. One of our favorite aspects of the holidays is spending quality time with friends and family. We love attending holiday parties just as much as hosting and if you’re reading this blog post, we bet you do too! Whatever type of gathering you may be dreaming up, with the right planning and a few special touches, you can make your soirée one to remember this holiday season!

Planning a Holiday Soirée

November 12, 2023


Marriage is a beautiful gift and always worth celebrating! Catherine and I share a few things in common, but one of them is that September is wedding anniversary month for both of us! Since anniversaries are on our mind, we are sharing our best-loved gifts and ways to celebrate each year. We hope this creates inspiration for your next anniversary celebration!

Celebrating Anniversaries

September 25, 2023


Even though most of your planning and preparations are focused on the wedding day, your engagement season is filled with many opportunities for celebrating! We’ve highlighted some of our favorite and most popular occasions in this blog – with some tips and things to consider like who should host, who should be invited, and when to plan.

A Guide to Pre-Wedding Parties

August 21, 2023


First off, congratulations! Wedding planning is no easy task, and you have made it such a long way! Several months of waiting have gone by and your wedding day is finally within reach – let the final countdown begin! After months of planning details and sending emails, what should you prioritize the final month leading […]

A Guide for the Month of Your Wedding

April 30, 2023


At Boizelle Affaires we love helping couples plan their dream day. We take great pleasure in finding the venue that provides the perfect setting and selecting linens that give that elegant touch. We are all about checklists, spreadsheets, and making sure nothing falls through the cracks on wedding days. We love pampering our brides and […]

Preparing for marriage, Not just the wedding day

March 19, 2023


What is one day you wish you could relive over and over again?  For me it has to be my wedding. That perfect day was a dream and I don’t think there will ever come a time I won’t be thinking back on every single one of its magical moments.  Many of us dream about […]

Preserving Wedding Day Memories

February 26, 2023


First off, if you are reading this and recently engaged, congratulations! We’re so glad you’re here.  Where should you begin? So now that he popped the question, and you said “yes” you’re probably wondering “where do I even begin?” First things first: We hope you pop some bubbly and celebrate! Engagement is such a sweet […]

You’re Engaged: Where to Start and How to Enjoy the Process

January 6, 2023


We love when we are asked to be part of the wedding planning process from start to finish, but we also cherish coming alongside couples who have done most of the planning themselves and need someone to coordinate all of the many logistics of their big day. When working with coordination clients, we jump in […]

Planning Your Wedding Day

December 5, 2022


Brides, what wedding moments have you been dreaming of? Walking down the aisle, exchanging vows, or the first dance will certainly be memories you will be replaying for years to come. Those precious moments will be special for so many reasons, one of which is experiencing them with your beloved guests. Friends and family travel […]

Unique Ways to Care for Wedding Guests

November 7, 2022

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