This wedding was perfectly timeless and stunning as the love and new union of E & E was celebrated. The holiday season was just beginning, which added the perfect amount of magic to make an even more memorable wedding in Washington D.C.! E & E met through mutual friends and things progressed quickly. This couple’s kind spirit and love for one another and everyone around them was evident in every interaction.

A Timeless Holiday Wedding

November 25, 2023


This romantic day on the Chesapeake Bay was the most lovely way to celebrate the union of Avery and Dominic in the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony!

A Charming Seaside Wedding

April 22, 2023


This Eastertide wedding in the heart of Washington D.C. was the sweetest way to begin our Spring season. Kaitlin along with her bridesmaids prepared for the wedding day at a home adjacent to the church. Kaitlin’s bridesmaids wore shades of light blue, which was the perfect Spring color for this April day. Since the wedding date was six days following the first Sunday of Easter, the already stunning St. Joseph’s Church on Capitol Hill was even more adorned with lilies and other pastel blooms.

An Eastertide Wedding

April 15, 2023

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